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    Monitor inbuilt speakers doesn't work in my Windows 7

    I have monitor which as a inbuilt speakers in it and it is just normal one. I recently upgraded my PC with the Windows 7 OS but the problem is it doesn't play the sound in the Monitor speakers at all. The connection is all proper but still it just doesn't work. So can you please tell me what as to be done now? What might be the issue causing this? Any good suggestion to fix it?

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Monitor inbuilt speakers doesn't work in my Windows 7

    The first suggestion is that you try to download a fresh copy of Audio Driver form Microsoft website and install.

    If not yet solved, log in to the monitors Makers website and try to download a copy of the Audio Driver file developed by them and install in windows.

    Check all connections, color coded jacks should be inserted accordingly and try again.

    Thank you.

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    ShubhamSonkhiya Array
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    Re: Monitor inbuilt speakers doesn't work in my Windows 7

    first insert your driver cd and than
    update your drivers or if its not work
    first install it and than update i think your
    audio driver is not working so update it from your

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