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    Monitor issue in Windows 8

    I have upgraded to Windows 8 on my HP Pavilion laptop. I have followed the basic steps under screen resolution while installing the new OS. Now the screen resolution has become blurred. I cannot find any option to adjust this. Please provide necessary steps.

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    Re: Monitor issue in Windows 8

    hi dear friend....................

    There may be the problem with the display drivers

    simply re-install the drivers or restore the windows to solve your problem

    AND FOR THE RE-installation:

    press windows key+r and type devmgmt.msc and press ENTER key

    and select display adapters and expand it

    then select drivers and right click on it .....then select uninstall option

    simply insert the DVD in to the ROM

    and restart the PC.....after that press DELETE key from the keyboard while it starting up

    and choose the boot menu by using the navigation keys

    then select the boot option

    and press F10 key and select ok

    then your pc will restarts automatically...and after press enter key within five dots.......to enter in to boot

    then the windows copying files and folder

    after that .... select the automatic repair option

    then follow the instructions.........and resolve your issue


    click start menu go to control panel

    after that click on system and security option

    and click file history option and click on windows 7 recovery option

    then click the recover system settings or computer option

    and click open system restore .....and choose the option and click next

    and finally click on FINISH BUTTON


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