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    Monitor Screen is vibrating continuously in Windows 7 Professional

    I turned ON the Windows 7 Professional System and saw that the monitor screen is continuously vibrating. I checked the power connection and seem to be well connected. I restarted the System, but could not solve the problem. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: Monitor Screen is vibrating continuously in Windows 7 Professional

    hi my dear friend, ...........to over come this issue follow the below steps and I hope which may helps you

    first of all remove connection of monitor from the CPU and turn it on and check .....if there is any vibrations .........then there will be the the problem is monitor other wise go this way

    first check whether the video drivers installed properly or not that is like ....

    press the windows key+r and type dxdiag and press ENTER key and click YES .....and tap on DISPLAY

    and check the note box.......and if it is displays like NO PROBLEMS FOUND ....then don't worries about the drivers

    and turn off the pc .....and remove the cabinet .......once check all the connections like RAM, connectors .......etc

    and if you are unable to solve the issue...........simply restore the PC

    ALL THE BEST..........!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Monitor Screen is vibrating continuously in Windows 7 Professional


    There is a problem with either "Resolution", or the "Refresh Rate" of your monitor.

    Try booting in Safe Mode, by pressing F8. Successfull? No, then,

    There should be an icon showing graphic settings at the right corner of the Task Bar.

    Click it, and set the resolution lesser to whatever is currently set. does that solve the issue? If not find Refresh Rate in the same graphics menu and set that to 60 Hz.


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