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    Mouse loading icon showing up every minute in Windows 8

    There are no application which I have started and I am able to see much of the background process running either in my Windows 8 PC but still the mouse icon loading symbol just comes up again and again. What should I do for that? Can anyone provide the information for the same to be fixed? Thanks.

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    Re: Mouse loading icon showing up every minute in Windows 8


    windows 8 is a fully loaded and many tasker OS so it may react like this,

    but u have to check :

    1. in ur task manager have any child process will running or not? (by clicking ctl+alt+del).

    2. in u windows there is auto update program will not be true. otherwise when ever u start ur internet it will autometically and continuously updateing ur windows and software so that u mouse looking like busy.

    just check it and i m sure u will resolve ur problem

    all d best

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