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    Multiple Apps displays in front of the screen when I power on my Laptop

    Hi, i have Sony Laptop where am using multiple Apps for my needs. The problem is whenever i do start my Laptop those Apps(Facebook Messenger, Gtalk, Torrent etc,,) also starts Automatically without my Command. I dunno what exactly makes it happen, but i wanna fix this Issue asap. I thought of Uninstalling those Apps if there arise a situation like the Issue canít be Fixed.

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    Re: Multiple Apps displays in front of the screen when I power on my Laptop

    Issue you Quotes is very simple and can be Fixed by you without any OS Reinstall, just follow the below steps:

    1. Once you Power ON your Laptop just go to the respective Apps in your Laptop,
    2. Go To Settings option in each of the Apps,
    3. Just uncheck the option “Start Automatically when System starts”,
    4. Once done Just Save your Settings,
    5. Finally restart your Laptop,
    6. Now you can Check the Issue might not Persist as before.
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    Re: Multiple Apps displays in front of the screen when I power on my Laptop

    Hello Friend,

    Hai my dear dont worry about the problem k i have got the solution k you just follow my steps k.

    1.Open the apps which are displaying without you permission k.

    2.Now go to the settings option present in that options menu k.

    3.Then check whether there is an option of start automatically with the system k.

    4. If it is present then change the option k.

    5.If it not present try deleting that app permanently along with all the setting of it to be removed k.

    6.And then reinstall that app after restarting the pc k.

    Try these the problem may be solved k...

    Good luck............

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    Re: Multiple Apps displays in front of the screen when I power on my Laptop

    hi my dear friend..........if you want to fix this issue ....you need to disable auto startup with windows

    for that you need to follow these steps

    step 1: first click on the start menu and open run or press windows key + r

    step 2: And type in that msconfig and press enter

    step 3: then there is a window will be opened in that window choose the start up tab

    step 4: And there you unselect the applications .... like which application you want to stop on the startup

    step 5: then click on the Ok ......and then restart your pc to resolve the issue

    and there is another way also.....and to the specific application i mean go to

    the application that is which application you want to disable when the startup

    then choose application and go to that application settings and unselect the disable the auto startup option

    ................ALL THE BEST

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    Re: Multiple Apps displays in front of the screen when I power on my Laptop

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    dear friend,

    You have to enable clean boot on your computer to avoid different apps display after startup.

    You don't have to uninstall those programs if those are necessary.

    Follow the steps below to do that-

    *Click on the Start button.
    *Type Run in the search box & click on the option appeared - it'll open the Run window.
    *You may also open it by pressing Windows key+R button together.
    *Type msconfig in the edit field & hit enter to open System Configuration Utility dialog box.
    *Select the General tab & check the box beside Selective startup option.
    *Uncheck the box beside Load startup items dialog box.
    *Select the Services tab & check the box beside Hide all Microsoft services option.
    *Click on Apply + OK.

    Now restart your computer & you'll see that the problem has been solved.

    Hope this info will help you.

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