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    My Windows 7 just doesn’t detect my Samsung MP3 at all

    Whenever I try to connect my Samsung MP3 player into my Windows OS it just fails to recognize it and not even once it worked. I got the error message as “Code 43 Unknown device”. What does it mean? My Samsung Mp3 player is quite old as like 4-6 years. Will that be the cause of the problem?

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    Re: My Windows 7 just doesn’t detect my Samsung MP3 at all

    the problem you are encountering is due to compatibility error.

    As your MP3 device is a bit old, its driver and supporting file also its hardware, programmed chips inside all are worn out outdated and please keep in mind backward compatibility has its timeframe how back it can allow to access. keeping in mind those things you can do this,
    Search for a new driver that is compatible to the MP3 player off the samsung `s internet site and if found download and install it in your computer.
    Reboot and try if the system recognizes the player.

    Thank you.

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    Re: My Windows 7 just doesn’t detect my Samsung MP3 at all

    Hey friend..

    As you have very old MP3 player, it means the hardware is present in your MP3 is not compatible with it.
    If you can find the driver of that MP3, then please install that in your PC and then connect your MP3 with the help of a Genuine Data Cable.
    The Mp3 player is basically made for charging through PC and if you want to connect it with the PC, Then go to control Panel and then add a device,
    Now press already connected and wait for minute, it will search and after completed its search you will get an Icon in the box.
    Press right click and add songs in that.


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