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    My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent

    Generally windows 7 is known for its aero effect. I have installed windows 7 recently but my taskbar is not transparent at all.It look similar to the taskbar of windows xp in some respect. I don't know how to configure this. Will I have change some kind of setting or something or should I install some driver or software to do that. Please guide me.

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    Re: My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent

    IF your task bar is not transparent this means its color intensity is high. To make it transparent reduce the color intensity by following these steps:-
    1. right click on your desktop.
    2. go to personalize .
    3. select the color option.
    4. enable the transparency check box then reduce color intensity to zero or you can say minimum.

    save this setting.

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    Re: My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent

    To Make a taskbar transparent follow this steps:-

    Method 1:-

    click the Start and type "Aero" into the search.
    you should get the results called something like "Find and fix problems with transparency".
    Click that and run it, it might not fix every problem but it checks the basics and gives you a report at the end.

    Method 2:-

    Right click the Desktop and select Personalize. Click the Color option at the bottom of the window. Select the Enable Transparency option. Click Save Changes.

    If the Transparency option is not available, see the following thread.

    How do I get Aero Glass to work?

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent

    Follow these steps to make your task bar transparent

    1). Right click on desktop and click on personalize

    2). Now click on "Windows color"


    3). In the color windows check "Enable transparency"


    4). Save changes and you will get your task bar transparent

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    Re: My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent

    you will not have the transparency option if u have basic and high contrast theme instead of a Aero Theme.

    Aero requirement to be enabled in windows 7:
    NOTE:if Aero is not enabled,then transparency will not work even when enabled.

    1. 1GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor.
    2. 1 GB of RAM.
    3. Support for Direct X graphics with 128 MB memory(in order to enable Aero)
    4. You must have Tue color(32-bit)set instead of high color(16-bit).
    5. The desktop composition and animate controls and elements inside inside windows option need to be enabled in visual effects.
    6. The desktop window manager session manager and theme service need to be set as started and automatic.
    7. refresh or update your WEI score.you will need an WEI score minimum of 2.0 in both of graphics and game graphics in order of Aero to be activated.

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    Re: My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent

    .....hi friend............try this ....

    first click on the empty desktop and select the personalization

    the in that select the one of aero thems .......then the your pc appearance and takbar also changed

    if again the same problem .....then again go to personalization and then click on the window colour option on the bottom of the window

    then there reduce the colour intensity ......then the problem will be resloved....

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    Re: My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent


    If your taskbar in windows 7 is not transparent then you have check for the aero effect settings into your computer...

    For this just follow the steps given below :

    - Firstly on the desktop right click on computer
    - Open properties after right clicking on computer
    - There under windows edition check the which edition of windows 7 you are running on as Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 Starter dont have this aero effect in them ...
    - After checking this make sure to select windows theme so that aero effects will be shown to your computer
    - Using an ease of access theme will not give you transparency and thumbnail preview options .... So , do check for it ..
    - To check the themes open control panel and then personalization
    - Now there open theme settings and then make changes ..


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    Re: My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent

    Hello friend ,

    This problem basically occurs when the graphics driver is not working properly or not installed.

    If you have your pc/laptop graphic card then you have to install you graphics cd which you have brought with your graphic card


    If you don't have any graphic card then you have to install intel hd graphics in your pc/laptop to increase the performance and make you pc taskbar transparent.

    To download the intel hd graphic driver click here

    After installation of this driver you will get graphics settings :


    Make your settings as you want and enjoy intel graphics..

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    Re: My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent

    Windows 7 Wallpaper_12.png transparent_medium.jpg

    dear friend,

    To set the transparency in Windows 7 taskbar, you don't have to install any additional graphics driver or any kind of third party software.

    Windows 7 has the in-built property to make the windows transparent.

    You just have to follow these steps to make windows 7 transparent-

    1. Click on the Start button.
    2. Go to control panel.
    3. Change it to the Category view.
    4. Select Appearance & Personalize option.
    5. Click on Personalization.
    6. Look at the bottom side of the window & click on Windows color option.
    7. Check the box beside Enable transparency option.
    8. Click on Save changes & exit from that window.
    Now go to the desktop & you can see the transparency of the taskbar.

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    Re: My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent


    You can try out to fix this problem . All you have to do is go to the desktop and right click on the empty area . Go to 'personalize'.
    There go to 'Windows color' and check the small box 'enable transparency'.
    and click on save changes
    and its done .

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    Re: My Windows 7 taskbar is not transparent

    hello friend . . .

    Windows some times not enabled transparency of the taskbar.
    Which is caused by due to several reasons.
    * In efficient Graphic memory run transparency of the taskbar.
    * Services are not running.
    * Or some other reasons.

    We want get Aero effect For your system.
    You need to follow these steps carefully. with out the Aero Theme Your system is like this.


    Step1 :
    Right Click on the Open area of the Desktop and Go to Personalizer.
    For Running the Troubleshooting .


    Step2: Click on the Trouble shooting link bottom of that window.


    Step3: Click on the "Apply Repair Automatically"


    ( It will Fix Error Automatically )

    Step 4: If you aero theme enabled Their is no Problem If not Getting aero effect then follow the next step.
    ( If you explore the Problem is like this ).


    Step 5: If get the Windows Desktop manager is Disable message now you need to run that service for fix that
    Open the Start menu and type Services.msc.

    Step 6: A service manager Window is like this.


    Step 7: start the service Windows Desktop manager .

    Now Every thing Alright and Aero Effect is you can feel now.

    All the best.
    Thanks . . .
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