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    Nero reports an error "Invalid write state" in windows XP

    I am using LG GCC-4240N DVD-Writer and i am using windows xp in my computer. I always use Nero for Copying the content of one CD/DVD from to other. From last few days, whenever i start writing a CD or DVD, it reports an error "Invalid write state" after the completion of 2 to 3 percent. What's the issue and how can i fix the same?

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    Re: Nero reports an error "Invalid write state" in windows XP

    The details provided by you is insufficient for us to give you a working solution because this kind of error occurs due to many reasons. Try to download and install the latest ASPI layer from Adaptec. Try to use a different DVD. I will advise you to use one from Sony. Also use the latest firmware for your drive. If the above method fails to work for you then there is some issue with your DVD-Writer. Check it for hardware issue and replace it.
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    Re: Nero reports an error "Invalid write state" in windows XP

    The issue can be generated due to a number of reasons.

    Clean the drive read/write head, the lense with a cleaner.
    Install the latest Nero, uninstalling the old one.
    Scan and clean the system using antivirus.
    Check the hardware of the drive , especially the lense if it has generated defect or wrong alignment.
    Check the data cable and connector, remove them then attach again.
    Check with another CD/DVD.

    These should remove all questionee.

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    Re: Nero reports an error "Invalid write state" in windows XP


    It is very difficult to say what happened to your writer based on your query. Your nero software
    may be not working properly in this you have to uninstall and reinstall the software. But if the same
    problem keep coming back then you should install latest version of nero software. if the same problem
    occurs again then you have to check your DVD writer.


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