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    Network Adapter is not installed properly on Windows 7

    I bought a new sony Lenovo Laptop powered by Windows 7.I also have where I installed windows 7 and Windows XP as dual boot.I tried the latest release Windows 8 which does not satisfies me so I bought the Laptop with Windows 7.I found the Network Adapter is not installed properly.I want to change the settings but I do not know how to do.My friend guided me but I could not able to get him clearly.I want any one to help me out by giving the right solution.Make this as soon as possible.

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    Re: Network Adapter is not installed properly on Windows 7

    Make sure that the ethernet cable and modem is working well or not by checking with the other computer. If the cable works well then check these things on your system.Go to the right bottom of the screen where you can see the Network option. Click on it try to connect it. Then right-click on it to select run as troubleshooter. Click start and type device manager. Now the device manager dialog box will appears. Check installed ethernet adapters under network adapters to see whether it is working or not. If you found not working then Re-install the Ethernet adapters which will fix your problem.
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    Re: Network Adapter is not installed properly on Windows 7

    As you have said network adapter is not installed,may be some files may be missing or corrupted,To check whether the network adapter is properly installed or not then follow these steps:
    ►In Search Type Device manager and press enter
    ►In Device manager click on Network adapter,if it is empty the files are not installed correctly
    to fix this problem download and install the Ethernet Drivers and check in device manager if it is installed correctly if not seen again then the problem may be due to your Ethernet card better replace it.
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    Re: Network Adapter is not installed properly on Windows 7


    Network adapter not properly installed has a number of reasons behind that.

    The hardware or the network card can be faulty,

    The driver software that runs the device can be corrupt.

    Network installation was incomplete.

    Even the windows installation can be incomplete.

    So do check the hardware part and check cable, connectors, and the card extensively. If found OK, proceed to the network driver software part.
    Find the Driver from Device Manager and Uninstall it first, then update the driver file from the Update Driver option.
    Press OK to confirm.
    If you have any driver file supplied by the manufacturer of the natwork adapter install it using optical drive.
    Possibly those measures will do the trick.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Network Adapter is not installed properly on Windows 7

    hi dear friend...........to resolve the issue there are two ways

    one is to Repair option

    and another one is to ....Re installation

    ...To use the Repair option

    first insert the DVD/CD in to ROM and restart your pc

    then choose the boot settings ....and save pressing F10

    then after the language and location choosing step

    there is a window will be displayed......that is given below

    Windows7Repair_1.jpg then choose the Repair your computer option

    then ....the process will begin .......after the completion of process go and check the Network driver.......ALL THE BEST

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