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    Network connectivity is slow in windows 8

    Hi, I just switched over to windows 8 but the internet is very slow here what is the problem? My internet connection is over 2 mbps but still it is tremendous slow why is this happening can anyone solve this over??

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    aditya807 Array
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    Re: Network connectivity is slow in windows 8


    To solve that problem try these steps...

    ====>Firstly make sure that your internet connection is proper and work fine.
    ====>Check your Modem.
    ====>Sometimes due to bad modem connection this kind of problem occurred.
    ====>Re-configure your modem, and try to surf the internet.
    ====>Now open the Browser and try to open an site.
    ====>This time you will get proper response.

    Try this i hope this will help you...

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    Re: Network connectivity is slow in windows 8


    Windows 8 may be responsible sometimes for the sluggish pace of internet access but other things are equally responsible for that too

    1. keep the Windows clean, defragmented, with only important apps installed and as little as possible programs installed.
    2. keep the temporary folder clean, delete contents periodically.
    3. 2 MBPS is a notification and sale propaganda, actual upload / download speed is only a fraction of it.
    4. check the settings , cable , connectors and periodically unplug / replug all connections.
    5. install good antivirus-antispyware-malwarebyte-worm killer and clean the system over periods.


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