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    Network issues with Acer desktop running Windows

    I am not able to connect my Acer desktop running Windows to network. It is showing some message like the ‘network cable is unplugged’. But the cable is connected properly and the modem lights are ON. What is this issue?

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    Abhishek Chauhan Array
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    Re: Network issues with Acer desktop running Windows


    There can be 2 reasons for this kind of issue.
    1.The network cable through which you are making the connection is broken from inside.
    2.The network port of your laptops is damaged.

    Also there can be a problem ion your modem port.


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    Raajkumar Array
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    Re: Network issues with Acer desktop running Windows

    If it shows network cable is unplugged the check the LAN wires at the Modem and at the PC.
    If you have wireless in your modem try connectiong the modem with a wifi enabled phone or laptop to check whether you have the internet connection.
    Check for the configuration in the internet settings.
    Contact your service provider for details like port and ip number for connection.

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    totheshadowofevil Array
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    Re: Network issues with Acer desktop running Windows

    The reason for your problem could be any of the following problem

    1. LAN cable problem
    2. LAN adapter problem
    3. Adapter settings problem
    1.LAN Cable Problem:- To test this problem cut the RJ45 jacks on both sides of the cat5e/LAN cable and separate the orange, white orange, green and white green cables.Now short the white orange and orange cable on one side and check the connectivity on other side with a lan tester. Follow the same procedure for green and white green. If the connectivity is good then crimp the cable on both sides and plug it and see .it works definitely now. if the connectivity is not working then change the cable.

    2.LAN Adapter Problem:- This problem will be caused due to malfunction of the LAN adapter or lan card. So replace the lan adapter with the new adapter with the old one. Place the new adapter in the PCI slot and install the drivers. Connect the cable to the new adapter.

    3. Adapter Settings problem:- This problem is caused due to change in the settings of mode of network. The network has options like half duplex, full duplex and automatic.so select the appropriate option according to your network.

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    Sandy Array
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    Re: Network issues with Acer desktop running Windows

    Hi there,
    If you see the LAN Card listed in the Internet Options / Network and sharing Center then you don't have any problem with the LAN card or Drivers. If not listed check with the drivers or re install the LAN card.
    If the LAN card is listed then go to the particular LAN card Properties > only select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) (don't go to the properties)> select Configure > Advanced Tab > Link Speed/Duplex Mode > then change it to various options available till the Cable is detected.


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