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    New folder cannot be created in my Windows 7 Mobile

    I am using Windows 7 Mobile. I created folders in it and did not faced problems. Whenever I tried to create a new folder now, it is not creating and not allowing it. Please, anyone help me in solving the problem.

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    Re: New folder cannot be created in my Windows 7 Mobile


    it may have in ur mobile u have any privileges for any user or admin can only done any cnages in ur mobile or u can do one thing.

    1. just restore ur winodws and after that try to do it it will done otherwise u have to do one thing upgrade ur windows7 in mobile..

    that only can solve ur proble....

    or try for create a folder in root directories not on system directories try it ow u have to do option 1.
    i hope this will help for u.

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