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    New suite of apps for Windows phones

    I heard like Nokia is out with a new suite of apps for its Windows phones. Can you please tell what all new apps can be enjoyed with the Nokia Windows phones?

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    Re: New suite of apps for Windows phones

    hi there,

    yes, Nokia is striving hard to keep its market share up. Nokia has launched its own appstore where users can find all the apps they need from more than 75000 apps in it.
    This app store is named NOKIA STORE.

    The Appstore is quite good and has all the popular apps in it for Window as well as Symbian operating system for their mobiles.

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    Re: New suite of apps for Windows phones

    Hey Friend,

    Well you can download this Suits apps from any of the websites but here I am giving you one link from where you can download this apps,

    Please follow the Link which is given below:-
    1. http://downloads.phpnuke.org/en/down...PC%2BSUITE.htm
    2. http://www.nokia.com/global/support/...okia-pc-suite/

    or you can also go to NOKIA APP Store from where you can downloads thousands of applications.


    Regards Libin

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