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    No audio output device in Windows Vista

    I recently reinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium and when I go into the section of Device Manager under Sound it says "No audio output device is installed". The problem persists even after updating the driver. Is there any suggestion to overcome this issue?

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: No audio output device in Windows Vista


    Do you have an audio device installed in the computer you are using?

    are there external or internal speakers attached?

    If not, then there will be no notification.

    However if you have the Audio Card or the inbiult audio controller malfunctioning it can also botify in the same manner that you are getting.

    Go to ControlPanel>Device Manager>Sound>Click the installed audio controller, it will show options from which find general notification like this device is working......, check that . click details and know the details about the controller.

    If you find otherwise possibly the controller is not in order and you need to talk to an engineer for the solution.


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    Re: No audio output device in Windows Vista

    if u really want to overcome this problem follow this things;

    1. make sure that u have install or update drive that is succesully done or updated ..... otherwise some time it may disply successfully but really done.

    2. and make sure u have connected ur all cable of output devices are coonected correctly ...

    3. or ow check ur device that connected with motherboad.

    i hope this wil help for u

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    Re: No audio output device in Windows Vista

    ) Go to device manager

    2) Select sound, video, and game controllers from the list, and select high definition audio device when it drops down

    3)New window opens. Select the driver tab. Click uninstall.

    4)Then after it is uninstalled, go back to device manager window.
    Select action, and THEN you will have the option of scanning for hardware changes.
    Select this option and it will reinstall and the problem should be fixed.

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