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    No internet connection after adding WPA2 on Toshiba windows notebook

    I have added WPA2 on my Toshiba windows notebook last week and followed by that, I am not able to connect my system to internet. What may have happened? Can you please help me with this by mentioning appropriate suggestions?

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    Re: No internet connection after adding WPA2 on Toshiba windows notebook

    Hello there !!!

    it seems that you are using hotspot to connect your system to the internet.
    because you are using the WPA2 security, and this type of security is used for maintaining the secure network connection between two device.
    so, you are not getting connected to the internet because of the following possible reason as mentioned below :-

    1. you have not turned on your hotspot.
    2. your system wireless network might be switched off.
    3. your browser network setting might be incorrect.

    only above 3 reason is possible for the filure network connection.
    so do follow the steps as given below to rectify it :-

    1. turn on the data packet in your mobile.
    2. than turn on the hotspot in your mobile.
    3. now search for the wireless network through your pc.
    4. if you find your phone hotspot, click to connect.
    5. if it is get connected, than open browser like mozilla.

    6. now go to edit option of the mozilla.
    7. select preferences.
    8. go to network tab.
    9. here check this option >> automatic detect proxy setting.

    click ok >> apply.
    now refresh your mozilla.
    your homepage will appears to you.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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