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    No Program is Working as expected in Windows 7

    I am using Windows 7 in my System. Whenever I try to run any Program, it is not responding. It is creating a Problem, by which I am unable to do my Tasks. Please, anyone help me in finding the Solution to the Problem.

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    Re: No Program is Working as expected in Windows 7

    This might due to the Old Version you are using. I mean Version of Softwares or anti malware. Try to Uninstall and Reinstall them. Sometimes antivirus also stops the program to run. So, if you want to run some programs which you want it for necessary, at that time you should uninstall antivirus. But, do it as you need to run that program at any cost. Mostly, stopping antivirus for some time does not involve in any Problem. Later, you update your software to the latest versions. If you are unable to use players like Windows Media Player or VLC Player, then you need to update them. If it still does not solve your Problem to reinstall Windows 7.
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    Re: No Program is Working as expected in Windows 7

    Dear friends..

    First of all trace out the problem Which is not responding..

    It is comes with OS or Any Application Software ..

    If it is Application Software Remove and Re install..

    Your problem is Solved..

    If it is Comes with OS..

    May be Drivers Problem.. then Download Drivers from the Internet and Install..

    I hope it will help you..

    Thank you and All the best..

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    Re: No Program is Working as expected in Windows 7


    The unresponsiveness may happen due to different reasons.

    1. the programs may be of older version and compatibility error is happening.
    2. there may be virus , malware, worms,trojans present in your computer.
    3. sometimes antivirus and firewalls installed in the computer for security creates problem for programs to launch.
    4. shortage in primary and secondary memory that is RAM and HDD space crunch can also create trouble.
    5. point out after which installation your problem had started, and remove that program.

    Take action in those fronts and it will be okay.


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