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    No Zoom level for MS Word in Windows 8 System

    I have Windows 8 in my System. When I open MS Word document, it is not total view. I mean it is not 100%. When I thought of changing the Zoom, I found there is no Zoom level for MS Word at the bottom. Please, anyone help me in solving the problem.

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    Re: No Zoom level for MS Word in Windows 8 System


    may be there is a problem with the MSOffice

    So, Re-install the MS Office and resolve you issue

    and before the installation ....remove the older one....

    press windows key+X and open the control panel

    after click on programs option

    and next click programs and features option

    in that windows find the MS office file and right click on it and choose uninstall option

    after that re-install the MS OFFICE


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    Re: No Zoom level for MS Word in Windows 8 System

    it must be the installation problem you can see the zoom option in the right side of the page at bottom you can not see the zoom option
    so you are not getting the zoom option try with another file and see zoom optin is getting or not still zoom is not working try to re install the original ms office software
    it is better to get it from cd you will get product code for full version before you install it.
    -go to control pannel un install the previous software re install new ms word and you can see zoom option in new ma word at the bottom of the page.
    hope helps for u.

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