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    Nokia Lumia 810 says low battery even it is charged full

    I turned ON the Nokia Lumia 810 Mobile is it got turned OFF for low battery. I kept it for charging and charged it full. When I am using it, I got an error is “Low battery”. Actually, it is full charged and did not expect the error message. Please, help me!

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 810 says low battery even it is charged full

    You must individually test each of the components which can create such a scenerio.

    First the battery, get it out and try it with another similar handset to be sure the battery is okay and can retain charge .
    Then try the charger with another handset if it is okay and can charge a battery correctly.

    If those two are found in sound condition, check the handset connector for any damage, and if found repair it by an expart, better from the Authorised Service Center.

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    Re: Nokia Lumia 810 says low battery even it is charged full

    Dear guest,

    The problem with your device is probably due to the battery. Although there are several reasons for this to happen.
    Nokia gives only a 6month guarantee on your cellphone battery. The battery is probably lithium ion battery and such batteries generally have a life of upto 2 years.
    to solve your problem you can do certain things,
    1. If you insert your battery to similar lumia phone then if it works,
    2. Dial *#634#. This opens the diagnostic app.
    3. Select powersource and see the voltage and current given by your battery.
    4. If they match the ones given on your battery pack then the battery is fine.

    If they don't match then it is time to replace your battery.

    1. Remove the battery and place it on a flat table.
    2. If it lies flat then there may not be a battery problem.
    3. If it lies bulged then it means that certain chemical reactions inside your battery have gone wrong and the battery is giving out fumes.
    4. This at times can be dangerous.
    5. The battery under this condition stores less charge and discharges too quickly.

    Kindly replace the same.
    If there is no problem with your battery then the problem is with your phone. Kindly visit the nearest support centre. They will be happy to help.

    Thank you...

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    Re: Nokia Lumia 810 says low battery even it is charged full


    How are you confirming that the battery is charged full, with the smart phone? Charging for a long time (also leads to overcharging which can damage battery) does not always means that battery is charged full. To check the battery charging, always use multimeter. If the voltage difference between the 2 terminals of the battery is same or above the indicated voltage (generally 3.7V for mobile phone batteries), then it is fully charged. To check whether the battery is performing well, you should also check the charging status after 1-2 hour.

    The old batteries gets charged in lesser time than normal and get discharged at a faster rate than normal due to which your phone always indicate low battery. Overcharging also decrease the capacity of the battery. So you are advised to replace the old battery with a new one to get optimum performance with your phone.

    Also clear the terminal of battery with an eraser. Sometimes oxide layer on battery terminals also cause the low battery problem.


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