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    Not able to add pictures from my Library to my mail in windows 7

    I am using windows 7. It was working fine from last two years.Now it had started showing some minor errors. I am not able to attach picture in my mail. I am trying to add my picture from the library but it doesn't show any kind of reaction or any error messages.What should i do?

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    Re: Not able to add pictures from my Library to my mail in windows 7

    You haven't provided the name of browser so i am assuming that you use Internet Explorer. First of all, clear cached data in Internet Explorer.To do the same, Open Internet Explorer, click on "Safety">>Delete Browsing History. In "Delete Browsing History", click on "Delete" option. You would be able to see a progress bar which indicates that the browsing history is being cleared. Once done,test the internet explorer again. If you are still facing the same issue then Open Internet Explorer in no add-ons mode and then try to attach pictures in your mails. If you don't know how to do that then click on "Start" button>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>Internet Explorer(No Add-ons).Check whether it fix your issue or not. If it works then use Add-on Manager to disable all Add-ons.Only turn them on when needed.
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    Re: Not able to add pictures from my Library to my mail in windows 7

    Hi dear friend............ to solve the issue

    simply press windows key+r and type inetcpl.cpl in the run box

    now press ENTER key from the keyboard and tap on ADVANCED tab

    then click on RESET button....and follow the simple steps

    then open the internet explorer and press ctrl+shift+del combination from the keyboard

    then delete all browsing history ..and cookies, temp internet files......

    Now try again

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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