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    Not able to apply the custom theme on windows welcome screen

    Hello sir. I am using windows 7 and currently trying to apply custom theme in place of default windows welcome screen. I know that it is not impossible so i tried for the same as well but failed. Thatís probably the reason why i am posting this question here.I need a step by step tutorial for doing the same. Please help me..

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    Re: Not able to apply the custom theme on windows welcome screen

    Changing the desktop background is as simple as clicking “Set as desktop background” in the context menu of an image file but Windows 7 does not have any simple way to let you change the background of the welcome screen.You can use the free tool Logon Screen to do this.The small tool can be downloaded from www.danielnetsoftware.com . Click on “Download” and save the file “Logon Screen 2.56.exe” into any folder. For installation,double-click on the entry for the downloaded file in and then follow the instructions during the setup.You might have to authorise these instructions by selecting an administrator account and entering the password.It is best if you use the “Custom Installation” method and deactive all additional options since the tool will try to install useless adware,including incredibar and linkury smartbar.Stop this by deselecting their options during the setup process.After the installation,you can find the tool in Start>>All Programs>>Logon Screen>>Logon Screen.You need administrator rights again to run the tool. Logon screen functions only under windows 7.You can also tweek the appearance of text and buttons via “Advanced Display Settings” and can activate or deactivate different elements of the welcome screen. In addition,you can define a notification that displays the windows logo before login. Click on “Open” in order to select a new background for the welcome screen.To save your choices,click on “Apply” and exit the tool.

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    Re: Not able to apply the custom theme on windows welcome screen

    METHOD #1


    1. Click start

    2. Type "run" and Hit Enter

    3. Type "regedit" and Hit Enter

    4. Navigate or go to

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background

    window start backgrund.jpg

    5. double click on key named "OEMBackground" and change its value to 1

    METHOD #2


    1. Click start

    2. Click MyComputer

    3. Click on drive in which you have installed your operating system eg:-its c:

    4. Goto c:\windows\system32

    5. Then find folder oobe and open it

    6. Then in that folder there will be file named background.bmp

    7.Replace background.bmp with image you want to put in background

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