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    Not able to attach file in Windows mail of Windows 8

    I installed Windows 8 in my System. I use Windows mail. When I try to attach a file of extension ‘.doc’ i.e. word document, it is not accepting it. I attached such files yesterday but now, it is not allowing to so. Please, anyone help me in solving the problem.

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    Re: Not able to attach file in Windows mail of Windows 8

    Hello there !!!

    what error you are getting when you are trying to attach these document file which you have attached yesterday successfully.
    since, if it is not getting attached successfully than it is quite technical that it might be showing some error message of not getting
    since, the error message have been more useful for providing the quite relevant answers to you.
    ok, no matter.

    so, if the document files are not getting attached than try to do one thing.
    just change the extension of the .doc to any other like .abs/.nec/.doa etc
    this will allows the mail server to accept your mail.
    and by this you can easily send your document to the recipients.

    also do check for the viruses , because this document files are not being send can be the cause of the virus.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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