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    Not able to defragment drive on Windows XP

    Whenever I try to defragment the D drive an error gets displayed, saying ' chkdsk is scheduled to run on this volume'. I had fragmented like this before but this issue did not arise then. Why is it doing that now?

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    Re: Not able to defragment drive on Windows XP

    Friend i think that the problem is that defragmentation is being scheduled for a time and when you try to run the program, windows throw the error.
    To avoid this error, right click on the drive, then in properties and then tools, select "Defragment Now".
    A window will open and then select "Configure Schedule".
    Uncheck the box saying "Run on a schedule(recommended)" and then OK.
    If problem persists, download a third party software to defragment the Drives..

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    Re: Not able to defragment drive on Windows XP

    The Disk Defragmenter utility is a program which acts only when the component, the HDD is in good shape.

    The system judgement is possibly there are issues relating bad sector/bad track/bad cluster which are physical in nature, and for that chkdsk.exe file should be run insted of the defragmenter.

    From the Command Prompt type chkdsk c:\ and press enter, the command will run and scan the disk for error.
    Will try to solve most of them and finish with report, after that run Disk Defragmenter.

    You need to have administrative Authority to run chkdsk.

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