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    Not able to fast forward video file in Windows XP

    My college gave me Windows XP installed in laptop. I have VLC media player in my laptop. I use to play video file with it. From few days I am facing some problem in it ie; when I am trying to fast forward any video files then video automatically stops. Anybody please help.

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    daveanmol Array
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    Re: Not able to fast forward video file in Windows XP

    This is a freak incident happening with you. According to me this may be happening due to below mentioned problems :
    1) some files of the VLC media player installed in your PC may be deleted or corrupted due to some problem. If this is so you must uninstall your VLC media player and install it again .
    2) may be the files which you are trying to play are incomplete or corrupted , which mainly is the case of stopping of VLC.

    So try to check out for this problems and I hope this may help you solve the problem you had .

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    prab26 Array
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    Re: Not able to fast forward video file in Windows XP

    ===>Make sure that you have downloaded the file without any error notification(i.e it should not be corrupted or partially downloaded).
    ===>The file must not be in different parts(sometimes some PCs do not support those type of files ),if they're use a file joiner(e.g. HJ file split & join) software to join
    ===>Or else re-installing VLC media player might solve this problem.

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    Sivasakthivel Array
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    Re: Not able to fast forward video file in Windows XP

    Regarding this problem..

    better, you can re-install your VLC media player in your system..
    surely work fine..

    otherwise, you can download the latest with supported version vlc media player..
    you can install in your system..
    play the any video-fast with forward also..

    better, your can choose the proper video file..
    to play in your system..

    once, you can scan your system.
    if the virus affected means..
    it occur this type of problem..

    follows the above instruction..
    it surely help you..

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    vishal21bhadani Array
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    Re: Not able to fast forward video file in Windows XP

    Hi Friend,

    >> The problem is fast forward Video files in working in Windows Xp.

    >> Some Video files does not allow to fast forward video.

    >> So You need to check the index of the Video Files.

    >> Some video files contains Corrupted index so the fast forwarding is not possible.

    >> You can use normally Ctrl+Left Arrow key to fast forward in vlc.

    I Hope you will understand.

    All The Best.

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    MSB Array
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    Re: Not able to fast forward video file in Windows XP

    Hello friend,

    1.First of all open the control panel in your windows xp system,

    2.After this open the ADD/REMOVE programs,

    3.Then please uninstall the VLC media player older version in your system,

    4.Now restart your system and open the browser,

    5.After this download and install the latest version in official website vlc media player,

    6.Then you use the normally forward the video files,

    7.I hope this information use full to you,

    Thank you,

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    frehman Array
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    Re: Not able to fast forward video file in Windows XP

    Dear Friend,

    This problem is happen because of :

    Your software is corrupted


    So, First uninstall your browser.

    And then download the player from filehippo.com

    and then install in your system.

    After that restart your system.

    its fine......

    Thank You!!!!

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