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    Not able to install Yahoo Messenger in Windows 8

    I have Windows 8 in my System. I tried to install Yahoo Messenger in my System, but it is not installing. It is showing as “This cannot be installed”. What might be the problem? I need to know the solution to solve the problem. Thank you for the solution.

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    Re: Not able to install Yahoo Messenger in Windows 8


    You want to install Yahoo Messenger in your Windows 8 system, but it is not installing that means this issue caused by either you have corrupt yahoo messenger set up or your OS does not allowing you to install that messenger.

    I suggest you delete yahoo messenger set up from your computer it may have corrupt file, and than download it again from the website and install this time you may able to install that in your system. If you still not get proper response than try next think..

    Your windows might have virus or does not install well. I suggest you install antivirus and scan your computer with it, if your computer suffering from virus than antivirus program will find all the issue create by virus and fix that automatically. Now try to install again i hope this time you get success.

    Thank you good luck....

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