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    Opening encrypted documents on Windows XP

    I had a set of encrypted documents saved on my network drive and the key of these stored on my flash player. I was able to open these documents without any trouble but since last week, Im not able to do so. I doubt it has got something to do with the change of servers by the IT department. How can I regain access to my documents?

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    Re: Opening encrypted documents on Windows XP

    hi, friend ..

    >> you have problem with encrypted document in your windows xp.

    >> just you have to check that you have win zip file or win rar file.

    >> after then you have to take appropriate software that is winrar ..

    >> you can download it from "

    >. just take this and install it and then try to uncompress.

    >> i hope you have got me and this can solve your problem .

    >> Good luck

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    Re: Opening encrypted documents on Windows XP


    Encrypted documents with Windows can only be opened when you have the necessary Windows certificate files or keys used
    during encryption with third-party software. To regain access to your documents you should consult your IT department for getting a solution.
    If the documents are very important and you can pay for them, then you can get professional help from the following company
    to recover your documents:



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