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    Option to burn ISO disk in Windows XP

    My PC runs in Windows XP 32 bit. As I am planning to upgrade the OS I was asked to ISO DVD. I cannot find the option to burn ISO Disk. Can I download the ISO from somewhere?

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    window Array
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    Re: Option to burn ISO disk in Windows XP

    Hi friend,

    There are different types of software that are available to burn the iso image on to a disc:-

    All you need to do is install these iso burners and burn the image on to the disc and can retrieve the data on to the disc.

    List of ISO burners:-

    1. LG Power Tools.

    2. Free ISO Burner.

    Here is the download link by which you can download the free iso burner and can download it from the below link:-


    Hope i have helped you in getting relevant information.

    All the best

    Thanking you..

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    frehman Array
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    Re: Option to burn ISO disk in Windows XP

    Dear Friend,

    It is easy to burn the ISO disk in windows xp.

    ISO file is an image file if you wan to burn for this it have many tools:


    ISO buring tool



    the burning is so simple simply double click on the iso file it will open the dialog box.

    follow the dialog box it will bun your cd.

    if it will finish it will erase your disk.

    Thank You!!!!

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    Re: Option to burn ISO disk in Windows XP


    Burning the ISO disk in windows xp is not a difficult task.

    ISO file is an image file is needed to burn in making ISO disk. for this many tools are available over the internet:

    Such as Nero,Alcohol,Free ISO Burner, etc.

    the process of burning is simply doubleclick on the iso file and it will open a dialog box.

    Proper interaction with the dialog box will bun your cd.

    Once finished it will declaire the Message.


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