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    Path issues with Asus notebook powered by windows

    I came across a message in my Asus notebook running windows like "The specific path does not exist. Check the path and try again." How can I fix this issue?

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    Rozalyn Array
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    Re: Path issues with Asus notebook powered by windows

    See this is a kind of problem that you cannot fix on your own. What I mean is that here you cannot fix the problem unless you have a valid path. So first you need to check that part. See be it on any machine or in any working environment on the computer, if the file that you are searching for does not exist or the path of the file is wrong entirely then these kinds of error, the one that you mentioned, come up. Now what you need to do is first check if the file is a valid one that you are looking for.
    For that go to My Computer and go to the search tab. Give the name of the file in the search tab and press search to see if that file exists at all in your system drives. If it does not exit then you will see the dialog coming in as Search Complete and no files found. But if at all the file exists, for which you were searching, then do one thing, just right click that file and go to Properties. You will see the path mentioned in the text box. Now copy this valid path and take it for your future use. Try this.

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    Re: Path issues with Asus notebook powered by windows

    your antivirus may have deleted some folders in yourr laptop so that it is giving error msg right click on the C:\ local disk in that properties -> tools -> error checking -> click on all the options and click start now and reboot your lap

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    Re: Path issues with Asus notebook powered by windows

    Any momentary flashing lights at all?
    (When you say that the charger is OK, how do you know that is true if the thing wont turn on.)
    The battery will 'recover' enough to give a momentary startup/lights flashing if the mobo is OK,
    Most 'will not turn on' problems are not enough power available.
    The most common culprit is the power jack connection. It can be broken or torn off the MOBO, in which case working on AC will not work, and the battery cannot charge.
    You could try charging up the battery on a similar computer then try starting it with a charged battery. If this does not work then you can conclude that it is the MOBO that is faulty.

    Only read the manual as a last resort.Put a bit of more pressure on the power button and move your finger around it a bit. It's possible the button could have dislocated. If it does not turn on, then it could be a problem with your laptop's motherboard, or something else inside preventing it from powering on.

    Joshua Marius
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    Intel Core i5-2500K, 3.3 Ghz
    ASUS P8Z68-V LX
    VelociRaptor WD1500HLFS
    RAID1: Seagate ST3750528AS 750 GB
    CORSAIR Vengeance 8 GB DDR3 1600
    eVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 640 MBWhen you have the battery out, and are just plugged into the AC power, does the 'charging' light turn on, on the computer?If yes, the last thing to try before you conclude that the MOBOand/or processor is fried is to reseat the memory modules + if it has x2 sticks, then try each one seperately.

    You should also check that the air intakes, and the fan are clean and free of dust and hair (human and animal), although the computer generally does actually start up then immediately shut down if it is a heat problem.

    Comment: Teenagers (your daughter?) are want to put their notebooks on their lap, on the bed etc which can stop the air getting in and overheating the system and frying the MOBO when the processor overheats.
    One should always use a notebook on a flat hard surface where it is up on its little rubber feet and the air can get in underneath.

    I had a notebook the other day where the plastic over the processor/fan was actually 'white' and brittle looking indicating a fried system.

    Only read the manual as a last resort.

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