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    Photos shows only icons instead of preview on Windows Vista

    I have saved several photos in various folders on my laptop running on Windows Vista. But when I open those folders, I can view only the icons of photos. It is not possible to view the preview of the photos. How to show the preview?

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    Re: Photos shows only icons instead of preview on Windows Vista

    Get into the start menu by clicking on the ‘Star’ button located at the bottom left corner of the desktop. Select ‘Control Panel’ from that menu by simply clicking on it. Once the ‘Control Panel’ window pop up on the screen, click the ‘Folder Options’ option available on it. Press the ‘View’ tab afterwards and wait until the list of options pop up on the screen. Scroll through the list to reach the ‘Files and Folders’ section. Clear off the check box near “Always show icons never thumbnails” option and click the ‘Apply’ option. Finally, you need to press the ‘OK’ button available on the screen.

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Photos shows only icons instead of preview on Windows Vista

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say....

    1.Firstly go to the start menu.

    2.Later click on 'My Computer'.

    3.Now at the top you can see many option.

    4.There you proceed to the option 'Tools'.

    5.There you make a click on option 'Folder Options'.

    6.Now a new window will open.

    7.There you go to the 'View' tab.

    8.There you can able to see the option 'Files and Folders' by scrolling.

    9.There make a uncheck for 'Always show icons never Thumbnails'.

    10.At last click 'Apply' and then 'OK'.

    Have a nice day.........

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    Re: Photos shows only icons instead of preview on Windows Vista

    Click the start button>then control panel>click on system>then on advanced system settings listed on the top left side, look in the advanced tab and performance section and>click on settings button, visual effects tab section>check show thumbnails and never icons>apply>okay.

    Any other options are located here,
    Open your my pictures location>click on organize on the top left side>click on the folder and search options>click the view tab and uncheck the top option>always show icons and never thumbnails>select apply and save.

    Return to your my pictures location, change the view of the page on the top right side next to the question mark symbol, there is another symbol with a drop down symbol, click it and select medium or large icons from the listed options.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Photos shows only icons instead of preview on Windows Vista

    Hi dear friend...........follow the guidelines to ........change the thumbnails to preview Icons

    first of all .... go to location of the pics folder and open it

    Now press alt+v combination from the keyboard

    then a VIEW menu will be appeared ........at the top of the window

    in that popup there are the options like .......... large icons, medium icons, small icons............etc

    then select one option .. from the pop .....and observe the thumbnail ....again go to menu and change to another option and observe again thumbnails

    depending on your choice ..............select one option finally

    ALL THE BEST....!!!!!!!

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