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    Playing a game switches OFF Windows 7 Mobile

    When I play a game in Windows 7 Mobile, it will be slow. After some time, it switches OFF mobile and takes time to turn ON. Even I turn it ON, it will be slow for few minutes. There is no problem with the battery. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: Playing a game switches OFF Windows 7 Mobile

    Dear guest,
    There may be either a problem with the game or it may be a hardware problem or it may just be a problem of virus.

    Try deleting the game, don't worry you can install it again. Now try restarting and see if this makes your phone start faster.
    Or else this is a problem of your phone ram.. Find out the ram capacity and try finding out how much ram does the game require.
    To solve this try closing all applications and then run your game.

    Now even this does not help then your phone must be having problem of virus. Install a trusted antivirus and run a through scan..
    This shall hopefully solve your problem..
    post a reply to let me know if it did...

    thank you..

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