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    Is it possible to change the background of Pictures hub in Windows Phone 7?

    Since I bought my Windows Phone 7, I can view the same background of Pictures hub on it. I need to change it into a different one as I am getting bored of that. How can I make it possible?

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    Re: Is it possible to change the background of Pictures hub in Windows Phone 7?

    The first step required is to switch into the start screen of the phone. Locate the ‘Pictures’ option afterwards and make a single tap over it. Select a blank space available in the background of Pictures hub. Tap and hold that space until a menu popup on the screen. This menu will hold two options such as ‘Change background’ and ‘Change it for me’. If you tap over the first option, select for a picture available in your phone and tap over it. Then, you need to confirm the selection by making a single tap over the tick mark. The pictures hub background will then change to selected picture. If you hit the second option, the device will select the picture randomly for the background.
    up theb� to� z py s and items installed on your system. Locate adapter from that list and make a single click on it. Press the ‘Uninstall/Change’ button next to it and follow the instructions given on the screen.

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    Re: Is it possible to change the background of Pictures hub in Windows Phone 7?

    Dear guest,

    Nokia lumia is a windows phone. This gives you various features such as the ones familiar with the latest windows 8 operating system. You have many options as you will be having tiles for every feature and there is no menu as you will find in other phones. Everything is in tiles itself. For the photos clicked,downloaded or stored there is a tile named as pictures hub.
    There is a background for this. That is one of your pictures will be present as your background. There are 2 ways of changing the background pictures.
    1. By using your favourites.
    - In the start screen tap on the pictures hub.
    - Select the albums or camera roll.
    - Open whichever picture you want.
    - Tap on the picture for a long duration.
    - A menu will appear.
    - Select add to favourites.
    Now your pictures will be put in a new section called as favourites. You can view it by scroling to right or left in the pictures hub. The best thing is that the pictures over here will automatically be used as the background for your picture hub.

    2. By selecting the background.
    - In the start screen tap on the picture hub.
    - Select the more option. Its the three dots at the bottom (...)
    - Tap on the option select background image.
    - the albums will be opened.
    - Select the picture that you want to have as background.
    - Your background image will be changed..

    Thank you...

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