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    Is it possible to install Windows OS through network connection? How to do it?

    I wanted to install WIndows 7 in my laptop, so my question is that will it be possible to install Windows 8 from network connection? which in sense the setup is pushed into the client machine in the network? Is this possible?

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    Re: Is it possible to install Windows OS through network connection? How to do it?

    Hi there,

    Yes it is possible by booting as the PXE BOOT.

    The majority of computer users are familiar with BIOS options as long as they don't go further than selecting the main bootable device or ordering that priority list such as HDDs first, then optical drives, and so forth. In the past few years, however, another option has appeared there. It’s called Network Boot or the infamous PXE Boot. In this article we will give a brief overview of the basics of network booting.

    Before we begin, let's find out what networking booting is all about. After that we will explain the theory behind PXE booting in a nutshell without getting into advanced technicalities whatsoever. We will also examine a few ready to run practical solutions. The main purpose of this article is to elucidate what PXE is and to break down the entire process into small applicable steps.

    Every so often we see questions and requests on bulletin boards where users are asking for help in order to network boot their computer to back up the files from a system on which the operating system went bad. Network booting wasn't exactly designed to be "yet another" booting option. Its purpose is different, and we are going to explore that in detail. It differs a great deal from "classic" booting.

    Network booting, as its name suggests, stands for the process that boots up a computer (or device) from the network-not from local disk drives or removable media. This technology is meant to be used in clustered environments where specific nodes (diskless/thin clients) may not have a local drive. It's also used by system administrators when they are doing unattended multiple simultaneous operating system installations.

    PXE is short for Preboot eXecution Environment. It is the environment that allows devices to boot up via their network interface(s). The entire process follows a specific "client-server" model. It was first introduced and designed by Intel; the official document regarding its specifications can be found here.

    On the next page we are going to see how PXE works and what the client-server model actually means. What do you really need in order to implement PXE on your network, and take advantage of this fancy technology that sounds oh so great (despite often being pronounced "pixie")? Once you know this, you will no longer confuse Network Booting with any other booting possibility

    Hope you got some help..!!!

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    Re: Is it possible to install Windows OS through network connection? How to do it?

    hello friend,

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    Re: Is it possible to install Windows OS through network connection? How to do it?

    yes install the window os through network connection......

    This method uses PXEboot and Windows PE.

    1. Download this: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V04T7KQ8 (tftpboot.exe)

    2. Open tftpboot.exe and extract the contents to the root of your C: drive (or whatever drive you use)

    3. Open the file tftp32.exe that you just extracted

    4. Click settings and match the screenshot below:

    5. Press OK and return to the main window, and now click on DHCP Server tab

    6. Match your settings to the screenshot below:

    7. Now plug both computers into the network, but make sure you don't have a conflicting DHCP server plugged in, or disable it.

    8. Turn on the computer and now jam the f12 key until it starts to network boot. Eventually you will be in a vista-esque desktop with a cmd window open.

    9. Insert or mount the CD you wish to install, and make sure it is shared on your network. Give it a share name of something you can remember.

    10. Go back to the target computer and in the cmd window, type “net use y: IP\\CD share name” replacing IP with your computers IP

    11. For the username type "IP\\User Name" replacing “User Name” with the name of a user account on the computer with the shared drive. Also enter your password, or leave it blank if you don't have one and press enter.

    12. You should see “the command completed successfully.” Type “y:” and press enter. Type “setup” and press enter. The setup program on the CD will then load and you will be on your way to installing a new operating system.

    This is specifically for installing vista, but can be easily changed for XP, all you need to know is the name of the exe that the cd boots off of, and instead of typing setup, you type what you found. (It might be setup still, I don't have a xp cd handy)

    To do this with your router acting as a DHCP server forward ports 67, 68, 69 all UDP to your computer running the tftp server and it SHOULD work.

    Hope you guys get some use out of this, it's nice to not have to use/buy DVD drives.

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    Re: Is it possible to install Windows OS through network connection? How to do it?

    Yes it will possible.
    Just go to microsoft site and upgrade your window 7 to window 8.
    And enjoy window 8 OS in your PC.
    It is easy solution of your problem.

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