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    Printer does not Print in Windows 7 System

    I am using Windows 7 in my System. I am unable to print the paper. I checked that Printer is Installed in my System. I removed and connected it again. But, I am not able to take the Print of Paper. Please, anyone help me in Solving the Problem.

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    Re: Printer does not Print in Windows 7 System

    Follow these Steps,

    STEP 1: Once check that Printer is connected to your Windows 7 System in the right way.
    STEP 2: Check that latest Printer Driver is Updated in your System.
    STEP 3: If not, click “Start” >> All Programs >> Windows Update.
    STEP 4: Click “Check for Updates” in the Left Pane.
    STEP 5: If any updates are found, click “Install Updates”.
    STEP 6: If Prompted for Administrative Password, give it and confirm it.
    STEP 7: If it does not work, meet your printer manufacturer and asks for model specific troubleshooting tips.
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    Re: Printer does not Print in Windows 7 System

    Dear friends..

    There are several reasons for the printing..

    See below and solve it..

    1.Printer is turned off.. So turn on your PRINTER.

    2.Another member of the home group stopped sharing the printer..

    3.Network discovery might be turned off.. for more information see Enable or Disable network discovery.

    4.The printer has a non USB connection and must be shared using devices and printers in control panel..

    Clear above problems..Then give print..

    I hope it will help you

    Thank you and All the best.

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    Re: Printer does not Print in Windows 7 System

    hi friend..........

    printer problems.................

    1:check the connections

    2:update the drivers.........

    3:Networking issues

    selected on the start button

    click on the Devices and printers.

    choose the printer

    troubleshooting the printer problems................
    click on the next.....

    close the tab....

    check the printer working or not...........

    All the best.........

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    Re: Printer does not Print in Windows 7 System

    If you are not able to print from printer , then it may be of majorly two problems

    --> Printer not connected properly with PC
    --> Printer driver is not installed correctly

    Fix the issue of unable to print from printer

    --> first you should have to update the printer driver.

    --> Go to "Start" and then "All programs"
    --> now select the "windows update"
    --> now click on "Check the update" and then install update

    --> Go to "start" --> control panel --> Devices and printers --> select add a printer link . If you can not see the your printer,then your PC is not connected to printer properly.If you see the printer and still not able to print , then it may be a problem of your printer.

    If you have problems in your printer ,then you should have to contact with computer hardware or manufacture service and know the what's actually problem.

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    Re: Printer does not Print in Windows 7 System


    Sudden soppage in printing may happen due to many reasons.

    Check the printer first by attaching it to another computer wheather the printer is okay or not.

    Check the interface cable if any wire is loose or torn to make the printer unresponsive.

    Check the computer end socket where the connecter is inserted wheather any problem is in there or not.

    Install a fresh Printer Driver Software by going to Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager > Windows update and installation of that driver should remove problem if it is in software level.


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