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    Printer not Working in my Windows 8 System

    I am using Windows 8 in my System. I updated from Windows 7 to Windows 8. When I try to give the Print, my Printer is not allowing it. Please, anyone help me in finding the Solution to the Problem. I am in need of it now.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Printer not Working in my Windows 8 System


    you should check your installation of printer first.

    Check the Device Manager for the installed printer driver.

    First "Deactivate" the existing driver, then from the same menu "Update Driver", once finished you will have the oppertunity to access the printer as you like.

    thank you.

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    mohan123 Array
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    Re: Printer not Working in my Windows 8 System

    Dear friends..

    To clear the Printer Problems You can Run the printer Trouble Shooter..

    For Printer Trouble shooter..Follow below link..


    Down load the file Run it ..

    And follow instructions..

    I hope it will help you..

    Thank you and All the best..

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    aditya807 Array
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    Re: Printer not Working in my Windows 8 System


    To fix the printer related issue you can try these steps....

    ====>Right click on My computer icon.
    ====>Click on Manage option.
    ====>Under the Computer Management window click on Device Manger.
    ====>Here you will see the all installed hardware as in list under the Device Manager window.
    ====>Find Printer and click on arrow just next to it.
    ====>After clicking you will see the printer as Epson in my case.
    ====>Right click on it and click Update driver software.....
    ====>After following few steps your Sound driver software will update successfully.
    ====>After updating of printer driver your problem will be solve.

    Try this hope this will help you.....

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