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    Problem with “YTD Video Downloader” in windows 7

    I have a problem with “YTD Video Downloader”. Whenever i try to download any video from YouTube,it always shows the status “failed”. I have upgraded the application,but the problem persists. I use a Reliance 3G data card for internet and it gives me very good speed. My other friends,who use broadband modems,can easily download videos from YouTube using the same application,though their internet connections are much slower than mine.Does the problem have to do with my data card or could it be something else?

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    Re: Problem with “YTD Video Downloader” in windows 7

    The problem with the downloading utility could be anything really and solving the issue could become tedious. Anyway,you should try uninstalling the utility and installing the latest version.If it still does not work,there could be some issues with the supporting files it needs.Finding those would take up a lot of time and you could even end up reformatting your system and installing the the operating system all over again.Try using another utility like Internet Download Manager that can download videos for you.Alternatively you can download YouTube videos from the website www.keepvid.com for free.It is faster and also lets you specify the resolution and format.However please note that downloading copyright videos is illegal.

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    Re: Problem with “YTD Video Downloader” in windows 7

    Hi friend,


    >>>May be your software stopped giving service

    >>>You may uninstall it

    >>>Then download the latest version

    >>>Now install it

    >>>I suggest you install IDM that is internet downloading manager it will help you to download the videos from any site

    Thank You

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    Re: Problem with “YTD Video Downloader” in windows 7

    my dear friend, there might something wring with installation. first uninstall the application and remove all the traces from your computer.
    then restart your computer. Now reinstall the application again. now it should work.
    if doesn't work try some other way to download videos from the internet.
    i know how to download YouTube videos without any software. let me suggest you the way I do.

    Open the video in YouTube and copy that URL from the address bar.
    Now open keepvid.com
    paste the link you copied from YouTube.
    You will get lot of options..... you can download in various format and sizes like mp4, 3gp, mkv, wmv, mp3 and in various resolutions.

    happy to assist you

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    Re: Problem with “YTD Video Downloader” in windows 7


    You should uninstall the YTD Video downloader from your Windows 7 PC. You are having this problem because
    the YTD Video downloader software has completed it's trial period. You should download the latest version of the
    YTD Downloader with product key and install it to your PC.Alternatively, you can also download the Internet Downlaod
    Manager as it is the most popular download software in the internet.


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    Re: Problem with “YTD Video Downloader” in windows 7

    hello friendfollow this steps and find your solution...........1.uninstall your older version of YTD.2.now download the latest version of YTD.and install it.3.after installing a YTD. download any video with YTDif your will not download successfull please download a latest version of IDM and install your pcafter installing IDM restart your computer.i hope your problem will solved......

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    Re: Problem with “YTD Video Downloader” in windows 7

    Hi, Dear friend

    It might be the problem of Youtube Downloader ......

    whenever it crashed or corrupted ..... it will behaves .... stops the file download at the last 5 seconds....and it wont be download any more Error and some time it may does not recognize the Download link also

    And to resolve this type of issue simply re-install the Downloader to get the solution but before that

    press windows key+R and type appwiz.cpl and click OK then select it from the list and uninstall it

    after again go to run and type regedit and click ok , yes

    then expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> Software .........and under the software folder key .... choose Youtube downloaded software registry Entries folder key from the left pane ...after that restart the PC

    and then download the latest version of YTD .. from the internet.....and install it .....and get the solution

    and for the download visit these websites.... www.CNET.com or www.filehippo.com

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Problem with “YTD Video Downloader” in windows 7

    The issue is spooky and YTD generally works fine with Windows except periodically notifies upgradation which is somewhat disturbing.You should try to clean the system from junk and temporary files.Run crom All Programs--accessories--system tools--disk cleanup and clean the system.Click Start, in the search box type cmd and press enter, type cd\ , type cls and press enter.Type %temp% and press enter.remove all temporary files from the directory. Exit, Reboot.If after this YTD still remains silent, uninstall and download latest YTD and install for better access.

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