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    Problem of audio playback at higher tempo in windows 98

    Hello everybody. I am new here and looking to find a solution for my problem. I am using windows 98 from last 8 years and i am happy with it. I have intel 845GL chipset-based motherboard with Celeron 2.4 GHz processor. I know that it is a bit outdated but i am happy with its performance. From last few days,i am facing an issue with the audio playback(the tempo).It is a bit faster than normal.What should i do to fix it?

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    Re: Problem of audio playback at higher tempo in windows 98

    Are you facing this issue from last few days or so? Actually the problem of audio playback at higher tempo is related to audio drivers for AC'97 audio device.Since you have an old PC, i have assumed that you are using AC'97. Make sure that you have installed the AC '97 audio drivers before installing the chipset driver for your intel motherboard. This kind of problem also occurs when chipset drivers are missing. If you haven't installed it yet then download the motherboard chipset from the manufacturer's website. Download the latest driver from www.intel.com.Uninstall the audio driver which is already installed in your computer.Now install the driver which you have just downloaded.It will fix your issue.
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