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    Problem with automatically Turning off Windows Vista PC

    My windows vista PC certainly keeps turning off without any reason then it restarts automatically. firstly, I checked issue for virus(infected files) via Antivirus software but didn't get resolution of this issue. What to do, need help soon!!

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    Re: Problem with automatically Turning off Windows Vista PC


    there may be a problem with the damage or corruption of file

    and to fix this issue ....simply restore your pc and solve the problem

    click start menu and go to control panel

    after click system and security option

    and next click on backup and restore option

    then click restore system settings or computer option and click next

    then scan for the error and select it ......then click NEXT

    then select the DRIVE that is C drive( windows installation drive ) and click save settings and run

    after that the process will begins...and wait untill the completion of process ......

    ALL THE BEST....!

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