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    Problem with the restarting of my Samsung Windows Mobile

    I am using Samsung SGH i710 Windows Mobile. It is of old model. I inserted SD Card of 2GB replacing the previous SD Card of 1GB. It worked well for 2 days and later got Switched Off. It is not restarting again. What might be the Problem?

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    Re: Problem with the restarting of my Samsung Windows Mobile

    hi there,
    In my opinion,the most basic problem might be with your SD card which you inserted the second time.
    As it might have got some virus which might have corrupted some of the files leading not the phone to restart.
    It can be that the SD card of 1GB might be having some program files installed int it.
    So,Just put the 1GB sd card again and then try to start it again.
    Hope this will help...

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