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    Problem of Visuality in Windows 7 System

    I am using Windows 7 in my System. Now- a- days, I am seeing that my Desktop display is not clear. It’s visual performance has been reduced. Is there any way to improve the visual performance of my Windows 7 System.

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    Re: Problem of Visuality in Windows 7 System

    Performance of visuality reduces when you try to keep many programs open on your Desktop even if you do not use them at all. This may cause problem. Also, reduce the execution or running of many graphical intensive programs. This may clear your problem. Also follow these simple steps to improve your visual performance of Windows 7.

    Click start >> control panel.
    Click “Appearance and Personalization”.
    Click “Display”.
    Click “Adjust Resolution” in the left pane.
    In this list of resolution, select the resolution as you wish.
    Click “Ok”.
    Your Problem is solved and your visual performance is improved.
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    Re: Problem of Visuality in Windows 7 System

    Yes, there is a very simple way to improve the visuality, just follow the steps below:-

    1) Right Click on "My Computer" select "Manage".

    2) Select "Device manager" and then right click on the "Graphics" and select update driver.

    It will take some time and after updation of the driver your visual quality will be improved.

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    Re: Problem of Visuality in Windows 7 System


    Visualization problems occurs due to many reasons, and i`m trying to explain a few.

    It can happen due to problem in monitor. Display Card or the embedded chip that is responsible for display can also be the reason of the problem. The Display Driver Software can also give rise to the visual problems.
    First of all enter Control Panel, move to Appearence and Personalization, and adjust resolution there.
    If not done, click Computer , Manage , Device Manager, Graphics and select Update Driver, this will provide the system a new driver and should rectify the problem you have encountered.
    Still not satisfied, contact a hardware person to test the Display card and Monitor.


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