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    Procedure to set up an FTP site in Windows Writer in Dell laptop

    I have installed a Windows Writer on my Dell laptop last week. I am thinking of setting up a FTP site on the writer. What is the procedure to be followed to set it up?

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    Re: Procedure to set up an FTP site in Windows Writer in Dell laptop

    The windows writer application has first to be selected from start screen of your laptop. The blog account you wish to use has to be selected from the home tab. Then you must hit on Blog Account’ option and then on option named ‘Blog options’. After that you must visit the ‘Edit Blog Settings’ section and ‘pictures’ option has to be selected. Then go for the option labeled ‘Upload pictures to an FTP server’. Next you can hit on ‘Configure FTP’ option. Details like web address, id, password, user name, host name etc has to be provided in the given space. The option named ‘ok’ has to be hit to save the changes that are made.

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    Re: Procedure to set up an FTP site in Windows Writer in Dell laptop

    Follow the below steps to set up an FTP site in Writer
    >>Open Writer by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Writer, and then, in the list of results, click Writer.
    >>On the Home tab, click the blog account that you want to use.
    >>Click the Blog Account tab, and then click Blog options.
    >>In the Edit Blog Settings dialog box, click Pictures.
    >>Select Upload pictures to an FTP server, and then click Configure FTP.
    >>Type the following information, and then click OK.
    >Host name. The name of your FTP server.
    >User name and password. The user name and password for your FTP account.
    >Path of the publishing folder. The file path to the folder on the FTP server. To find this folder, click the Browse button.
    >Web address of the publishing folder. The web address for the folder that has the images.

    Thank you.

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