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    Procedure for setting up a router on windows supported Lenovo notebook

    I am using a cellular data connection on my home desktop system for connecting to the internet. I wish to access the same connection via router on my newly purchased windows supported Lenovo notebook. What is the procedure for setting up the router?

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    Re: Procedure for setting up a router on windows supported Lenovo notebook

    If the router you are having displays the "Windows 7" logo or "Compatible with Windows 7," it can be set up automatically using the latest version of Windows Connect Now (WCN) on Windows 7 or Windows Vista SP2.

    Follow these steps to set up router:

    Unpack the router and plug it into a power source. Because using WCN, you need not physically connect the router to your computer.
    Open "Connect to a Network" ,click the network icon ( or ) in the notification area.

    A list of available networks is displayed.

    Click default network of your router, identified by the manufacturer name.

    Follow instructions on screen.

    This will set router in your system.

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    Re: Procedure for setting up a router on windows supported Lenovo notebook

    Launch the web browser you normally operate and check the "Work Offline" settings. Click on the top toolbar where it says "File" and scroll down to where it says "Work Offline." Ensure this selection is not checked, otherwise it will impede the operation of your wireless connection. Click on this option to uncheck it.

    Look over the connection made between your modem and wireless router. Both devices have an Ethernet port on the rear. It looks like an oversized telephone cord port. If these ports are not occupied by an Ethernet cable, connect one end of the cable to each device. This connection cannot be loose.
    Check your records for the password to your Lenovo wireless setup if you have a secured connection. (A secured connection is recommended.) If you cannot find your password in your records, you will need to reset it.

    Find the manual that shipped with your router and extract two important pieces of information. The first is the special web address the manufacturer provided for you to set up your router's settings; the second is the default password for your router.

    Enter the web address from the manual into the web browser and click "Enter." When prompted, input the default password from the wireless router.

    Choose a new password for your wireless connection now that you have access to the settings. Additionally, ensure the kind of wireless security you are using is "WPA." "WEP" is another available option, but it is an older encryption type and is technically inferior.

    Click on the wireless network icon on the right side of the bottom toolbar in Windows on your Lenovo computer. A list of wireless networks within range of your Lenovo computer will appear. Click on the name of your wireless network and input your new password when prompted.

    Look to the bottom right of your Windows desktop. You should get a notification stating that you have successfully joined the network.

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