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    Real Player download YouTube videos but not able to play them

    I always use Real Player for playing audios and videos because it provides the facility of download manager as well which automatically detects the download link. These days, It downloads youTube videos without any issue but not able to play them. When I Play the downloaded videos, Only sound comes out. Is there any way to fix this issue?

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    Re: Real Player download YouTube videos but not able to play them

    It seems that, Real Player is downloading Videos in MP4 format. It is a problem of Real Player. Sometimes, it download videos in FLV format and sometimes in MP4. Actually, it totally depends upon the video, You are downloading. You have already mentioned that, Real player is playing these files but only sound comes out which shows that, there is no problem with downloaded files. I will recommend you to use "VLC Media Player" for playing these files. It is infact the best audio/video player in the market which supports so many kinds of Audio and video formats. Realplayer Plus also supports these formats but it is not free. If you don't want to install VLC media player then you will have to convert MP4 files into FLV files.

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    Re: Real Player download YouTube videos but not able to play them

    Hi guys..

    As the files that you've downloaded might be of the different format , which are not much compatible

    with the Real player , i.e these might be of FLV , MP4 format .

    and there are no issue with the downloaded video files .

    to conform that play those with the different player like VLC media player , KM player .

    Thank you...

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    Re: Real Player download YouTube videos but not able to play them

    Dear friend,

    This is due to the youtube's change of its online content.

    1. The youtube changes the method of delevirying the videos and that is why we have to update the flash player periodically.


    1. Goto the real player website .

    2. look for the updates to download and install the latest version of the real player.


    Do the following best method of downloading the youtube videos.

    1. Download and install the internet download manager.

    2. It comes with to pluging which can download almost every site present on the internet.

    3. Also you have the choice to choose the download quality ranging from the 3gp to the 1080p (depends upon the video).

    Hope you enjoy downloading the videos now.

    For the further help post to my visitor massage.



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    Re: Real Player download YouTube videos but not able to play them


    Down load from you tube down loader and check these videos are playing or not..?

    If These videos are playing then your Real time media player having a problem..

    So check that Real time player and Fix the problem..

    Then also facing same issue..

    you can install IDM..

    It will works fine..

    Thank you

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