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    Real player is not working in Windows Vista System

    I installed Real Player in Windows Vista System. I have some video files which I need to download online. I want to download them using Real Player. When I click on the video to download it, I faced an error. Real Player is not allowing downloading any video and files. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    gauravgpt Array
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    Re: Real player is not working in Windows Vista System

    Hello friend..

    Firstly you need to download the software the you download the any video..

    Click this RealPlayer to download free videos online.

    Once you install the video downloader software visit your favorite online video sites and start watching video...

    all the Best!!

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Real player is not working in Windows Vista System


    Not every download is successfull or complete, and those incomplete downloads has a lot of issues brought with them.

    Under such circumstance, it is prudent decision that you completely uninstall the existing Realplayer from your system,

    Download a latest copy of the Realplayer from a trusted site and install that again, which can solve the problem.

    Start>control panel>depending on version, add or remove programs/programs>select realplayer>uninstall, later install the fresh RealPlayer.


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