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    Rebooting problem on Windows XP system

    I use Windows XP professional operating system. The problem faced is that system reboots each time I view Window task manager dialog box. How to resolve this issue?

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Rebooting problem on Windows XP system

    Hello friend,

    To prevent from the problem of rebooting on Windows XP system you do as i say...

    1.Firstly insert the installation CD in the CD drive and boot from CD

    2.Now the Windows installation starts installation process.

    3.You should repair the Windows but you should not want to use the Windows console.

    4.Now the computer shows the option RECOVERY CONSOLE you should not use that one.

    5.Just press enter to continue the process.

    6.Now windows will show you C: Windows installation and will give you the option to repair by pressing(R) .

    7.After pressing the button the windows will restart your computer do not start from CD again. Windows installation will run and repair your windows.

    8.That's it after doing all it the booting problem on Windows XP is solved.

    I hope it will help you.

    Have a nice day...

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    mohan123 Array
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    Re: Rebooting problem on Windows XP system

    Dear friends..

    For fixing this problem follow steps..

    Watch carefully as the computer start up after a reboot. select "Recovery Console" from the Start up Options"list.

    Install the Windows XP disk into the drive if "Recovery Console" is not listed in Start Up Options Restart the computer.

    Follow the prompts and select "Repair" or "Recover".

    Type the Administrator Password for the computer.

    Type "cd system32" without quotes when the command prompt appears.

    Press "Enter" ren kernal32.dll kernal32.old" and press Enter again.

    Type map and press "Enter".Type "expand d:\\i386\\kernal32.dl"and press Enter.

    If the Windows XP CD is inserted into a drive other than "D". replace "D" with proper drive letter.

    Type exit and Press enter then computer will be shutdown and reboot again.

    I hope it will help you

    Thank you and All the best..

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