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    Receiving an Error code ‘8007F0F4’ when trying to update Windows XP

    I got the message for updating my system with this KB2686509. Message was displaying that it is security update so, i decided to install it but getting error code as mentioned above when attempting this update. What to do? Any help!!

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    Re: Receiving an Error code ‘8007F0F4’ when trying to update Windows XP


    The error message you are receiving on your terminal has a meaning, and expalnation is as the following.

    If you receive Windows update error 8007f0f4 , it means that a problem on your computer stops the important update which can't be installed .

    A malware is causing the problem by infecting your computer. To save the computer from becoming unstable, Windows won't let the update to be installed.

    You install and run an antivirus program on the computer, remove any malware present there, and then install the important update as per your requirment successfully.


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