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    Remove icon border shadows on the desktop in Windows XP

    My Home PC runs in Windows XP. I have recently installed a new antivirus without uninstalling the previous one. After this, there are border shadows in all desktop icons. What should be done to remove it?

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    Re: Remove icon border shadows on the desktop in Windows XP


    Your effort created minor glitches with the installation of antivirus programs one above another. Antivirus softwares are possibly the most important in sense of protector and also problem creator.
    Try to uninstall the second antivirus software, if successfull uninstall the first, don`t delete any one of them
    Check the display. if it is okay then install the second once again.
    If the problem persist, you may need to reinstall or repair at the least Windows. Use a genuine copy.
    Back up data.
    Thank you.

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