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    Removing ‘Frequent list’ from Windows Explorer in Windows 7

    When I pin ‘My Computer’ and right click on folder, I can view ‘Frequent list’ within the windows explorer in my PC running on Windows 7. The list can cause privacy issue as a guest to my computer can see all the sites I have visited yet. Is there any way available to remove it from my PC?

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    Re: Removing ‘Frequent list’ from Windows Explorer in Windows 7

    Go to the bottom left corner of the desktop and right click on the ‘Start’ button. This will bring up a menu on the screen. Choose ‘Properties’ from the list of options available on that menu. Scroll down to the ‘Privacy’ section in the ‘Properties’ window. You can then find two options under that section. Clear the checkbox next to both of these options. After that, check whether it is possible to find the ‘Frequency list’.

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    Re: Removing ‘Frequent list’ from Windows Explorer in Windows 7

    Hi friend,

    The following is the procedure for solving the problem of removing 'Frequent list' from Windows Explorer in Windows 7.

    At first you have to go to the startup menu.

    Then tap on to the properties option.

    Now go to the privacy option by scroll down.

    There the screen shows you the two options.

    After that the box which is present to both these options is to be checked.

    Then you need to verify whether the frequent list is finded out or else not.


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