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    Repairing “diagcab” file extension of registry in Windows Vista

    When I try to update Windows Vista through my laptop, I get the error message “diagcab” file extension error 0x80070002”. I need to repair the “diagcab” file extension of the registry. How can I do that?

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    Re: Repairing “diagcab” file extension of registry in Windows Vista

    Run CHKDSK scan and SFC scan one after other on your laptop. Click on the ‘Start’ button for that and then navigate into All Programs -> Accessories from the start menu. Right click on the ‘Command Prompt’ and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ from the pop-up menu before accepting the UAC prompt. Type CHKDSK C: /R into the Command Prompt and press the ‘Enter’ key. When the CHKDSK run at the next boot, press the ‘Y’ key and reboot again. After that, you can run the SFC scan by opening up the Command Prompt in administrator mode and typing SFC /SCANNOW into before hitting the ‘Enter’ key. Once the scan finishes, check the error messages and reboot your system.

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