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    Restoring files from Windows .old folder after upgrading to Windows 8

    Recently i upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 8 Preview version in my Desktop PC. I didn’t reformat my system during its installation. Windows 8 is working fine in my system. But now, i wanted to restore some of the Windows files available in Windows.old folder...How can i retrieve files from windows.old folder?

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    Re: Restoring files from Windows .old folder after upgrading to Windows 8

    Yes, it absolutely possible. Since, you haven’t reformat your hard disk, you will be having Windows.old folder in the drive where you installed Windows 8. There are two ways by which you can retrieve files. The are,
    1. Restoring files Automatically: To restore automatically, you just need to download the troubleshooter executable file. By running this file, it will automatically restore the files from the Windows.old folder and copy it in the original location which it is already saved.
    Just Download troubleshooter from HERE and Run it..
    2. Restoring files Manually:
    1. Go to Computer/My Computer which will have list of drives.
    2. Just open the drive which you installed Windows 8.(by default it should be C:drive).
    3. You will find Windows.old folder and By opening the folder, you will see Users folder.
    4. Select your user name. You will see the folders you have in the previous version. Now, you can copy the folders you want and copy it to a folder in Windows 8.
    That’s it..
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