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    Restoring Office 2010 in Windows XP

    I lost Microsoft 2010 from my laptop which runs in Windows XP. I have product key. As I lost the disk I tried to download the files from Microsoft backup site. Even the website is loading, I cannot download it. Please tell me the necessary steps to do so.

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    Re: Restoring Office 2010 in Windows XP

    Hello friend...

    it is not possible to restoring the office 2010 with out using the cd but you restore the windows as the date..

    To restore the windows follow these steps:-

    Click the Start button and then click the all program and go to Accessories then go to system tools then go to system restore..

    here you choose the date where you want to restore the computer here you lost the all the update data after that date you restore so it important that you take a backup before the restore the system...

    Else you can download the office 2010 from the Microsoft site then used it..

    All the Best!!

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    Re: Restoring Office 2010 in Windows XP


    If i didn`t understood wrong , you had your Microsoft Office 2010, which you have purchased as authorised copy, you lost the original installer cd and trying to download as you have the Product ID, but the problem is somewhat like this,

    You have purchased a valid copy of the Office Software but the product key was for that copy only, and not for a seperate download from Microsoft.the downloaded Office 2010 is a seperate software and need another license for that not the one you were provided with the CD.

    You need to write to the Microsoft Officials detailing everything and possibly they will do you favor.


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    Re: Restoring Office 2010 in Windows XP

    Hello friend,

    As you said that you want to restore the Office 2010,but my friend you can not restore it.You can restore your system but you can not restore one particular program in your computer.

    You have to put the CD/DVD in the CD ROM to install the Office 2010 in your computer.

    Or you can directly download it from Torrentz.com with product key.

    Thank u!!

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