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    Same folder name virus in windows xp

    I am using windows xp from last few months but haven't faced any such issue before. It has a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz with 512 MB of RAM and an 80 GB hard disk. I am using a broadband connection. It has been attacked by any virus,i guess because i am able to find an executable file with same name as root folder.What should i do to get rid of this problem?

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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    Actually your computer has been infected by a virus called "W32.traxg@mm". It is a kind of worm which sends itself to all addresses in the Microsft Outlook address book. However it doesn't create much harm. To remove this worm,install a good antivirus software and do a full scan. Disable the System Restore by navigating to Control Panel>>System>>System Restore and check the box titled as "Turn off System Restore on all drives" and click on "Ok". Once done,restart your computer in safe Mode. Now open registry editor and navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Cur rentVersion\Run'. In the right pane,you will find "TempCom"="%WinDir%\Fonts\<randomname>.com" option. Just delete it. Here randomname can be any name.Once done,close the registry editor. If the worm has changed few settings then restore the default settings of windows explorer. To do the same,navigate to Tools>>Folder Options>>View and click on Restore Default button. Finally click on Ok button.
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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    There is a dfinite infection from a virus or worm that sets in the root of the kernel and infecting the windows to it's tune.

    You must have an antivirus with complete features, such as antivirus-antispyware-malwarebyte-worm and trojan killer install it in your windows clean the system with it, keep its virus definition updated and protect your system always from such invations.

    Buy a complete antivirus rather than the trial versions, which have limited features.

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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    My friend if you want to solve your problem.
    Then just go online and download mccafin antivirus.
    It is the best antivirus for network users.
    Scan your with it .
    Before scan make a backup .
    Because some time scan delete some file and folder.
    I hope it will helpful for you.

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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    Hi dear friend.............to solve this issue

    first of all download the Good antivirus from the internet like Avast, AVG, Avira, ......etc

    then install and update ... the virus definition

    after that Scan the Full system...... then delete all the in effected files

    And if still the problem arises simply restore the windows ... that is by following procedure

    first go to the start menu and click RUN
    and type in the RUN as msconfig and press ENTER key
    after that a window will be opened in that window choose the TOOLS TAB
    now choose system restore option from the suggested list
    and click the LAUNCH button from the bottom of the window
    then click NEXT and select the restore to previous state option and click NEXT
    then choose the DRIVE and that is default .......drive it is automatically chosen by the windows then click NEXT
    and after click save settigns and run button
    then after your process will begins .....
    after the completion of process reboot your PC
    then install the antivirus....and scan the PC once


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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    Hello dear friend

    If you follow the simple steps which i am going to give clears virus hopefully it may helpful to you

    Download the Mcafee stinger and it a virus scanner'

    After downloading then click to RUN it

    Hit the scan button then it will clears the virus from your system

    If it remains same then you reboot your system in safe mode

    Run the stinger and follow the above procedure

    That is all


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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    dear friend please use as following

    in the your pc antivirus is not working so you have need the good antivirus ...

    you use the broadband connection this is the not any problem but make sure your antivirus want install .

    now you install the any good antivirus and protect the your pc ...

    hope your problem is solved ....

    thanks ,,,,

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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    To solve this problem follow these steps

    • Frist of all download and install good antivirus software then run it to check for the maleware files
    • Then disable the system restore and then restart the computer in safe mode
      • start-->control panel-->System -->System Restore--> check the box next to Turn off system restore on all drives >>ok
    • Now go to the start then type Run in search
    • Then type regedit in the text field and then press enter
    • Now navigate to the registry editor
    • Then locate the Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entversion\Run
    • Then right click on the TempCom=%WinDir%\Fonts\<randomname>.com
    • Then select the delete option then close the registry editor
    • Now restore the windows Explorer settings to its default

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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    Hello Friend,

    Well, you don't have much option in your hand. You should download some good antivirus from the internet and install it to your PC. There are many good anti-viruses are there such as.


    After installing any one of the anti-virus you have to scan your PC with the anti-virus then the anti-virus software will clean your PC from viruses. From now on you should always use a good quality anti-virus to protect your PC from possible virus attack. One more thing always back up your valuable documents.


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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    hello friend

    follow this steps and find your solution..................

    1.any heave viruse is makes a problem.

    2.please insatall a strong antiviruse.who protect your pc.

    3.now scan your pc and remove all virus.

    4.when you surf a internet,please dont open any unknown emails or attechments.

    we are heppy to help you................

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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    Really your personal computer has become corrupted by way of a virus termed "W32.traxg@mm ".That , a type of worm which sends on its own to every one details in the Microsoft Perspective correct book. Nevertheless it would not produce a great deal harm. To eradicate this particular worm,add an excellent antivirus application as well as perform a total scan. Turn off your System Bring back by way of navigating to Regulate Panel>>System>>System Bring back look your box titled seeing that "Let down System Bring back about almost all disks" and click on "Fine ".When executed,system your personal computer with secure Mode. Now open windows registry writer as well as get around to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows \Cur rentVersion\Run '. In the correct pane,you'll discover "TempCom"="%WinDir%\Fonts\.com" option. Only remove it. Listed here randomname may be any name.Once executed,shut your windows registry editor. If the worm has evolved very few settings then restore your default controls regarding house windows explorer. To perform the identical,get around to Tools>>Directory Options>>Check out and click on Bring back Fall behind button. Finally click on Fine button.

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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp

    first of all download a licensed antivirus

    then install it and do full scan and detect and remove the malware

    then open the system in safe mode

    then open the run dialog box

    then type regedit and hit the enter

    then locate the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\curr ent entversion\Run

    then right click on the TempCom=%WinDir%\Fonts\<randomname>.com

    then select the delete option

    then close it
    now restore the windows explorer settings to its default

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    Re: Same folder name virus in windows xp


    For this you need to install Good antivirus...

    It is available in Internet..

    Download and install it...

    then Scan your total system..

    Now your virus will remove with antivirus..

    Good Antivirus soft wares

    Avira antivirus...

    Avast antivirus..

    Avg Antivirus..

    Kasper sky antivirus..

    Thank you..

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